What can it do?

An integrated task management tool

We feel that at the heart of everything we do there is a task that needs doing, so with this is mind we have been built our intergrated around this phiosophy. By adding a workflow engine around a task, we feel that can cover off most events, be it tasks for individuals/groups, meetings notes, CRAIDs log, test scripting, planning.

So.....this is where are starting, and going to build this to suit what you want. Let us know if you have a specifc requirement.

Task Me - Task Management

at the center of everything we do there is a task somehow....

Keeping on top tasks is never an easy task (sorry), but keeping on top of the right tasks is even more of a challenge.

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Active Notes - Meeting Notes, Discussions, Ideas

Making the management of meetings more dynamic

COMING SOON: Meetings are important and if managed correctly can be incredibly useful not only for those who attend but those who are impacted or interested in the content.

We are not yet ready to upload this, but do get in touch if you are interested.